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atus of the old writer Sami, Captain Ahmed Abdel-Maqsoud, next to the Portuguese crew with the staff, a very strong month, very rigid, and he was very careful who were studying the points. I mean, see Al-Ahly doing, how do you fn the sentences that Al-Ahly club does, of course, close the text of the stadium, how do we sit on the player? This is medicine, we will not take up space, for some of them the atmosphere inside the Zamalek club has a great focus and it was on him that he was approaching such a new thing in my name that the club won. I knew that I would be empty now. It owns more than one place of performance, and each team knows the team

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 in front of it that plays in it. It is natural that you watch and say to him, I will play in front of you in a different way or in a certain way, because you were in the focus of contacts on the path of the match. Someone denies focusing on adew special needs, some games, some moves, some ideas to get the surprise element of the Al-Ahly club. The goals of the Al-Ahly club, in response to his coach, was a guard. He was doing this. They were Portuguese. Sure, they understood each other’s brain. Today, four players, Muhammad Abu Jabal Tariq, Hamed al-Qala al-Bayda, next to Saif Farouk Jaafar, has an injury in his hands. He broke his arm. He made a splint, and he hits waiting. He replied until the hours that passed by Omar Al-Saeed's words, you have a strain

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 in the front muscle, and there is still a new one in Zamalek. It is expected that we can see today, I mean one or two, depending on of course the changes of Mr. Carrera, Mr. Neymar, Hossam Abdel-Majid and Muhammad Tariq, your opinion on the three is the player Cavani. A more than excellent player, a very excellent player, who is distinguishespeed and strength. I mean, I am always the one who watches TV, so I don't watch. Who is Wing? Wing left? Wing left plays in front of today. He can play right back under because He doesn't have a good player. He is a very good player. He has an excellent speed. He plays ball in a second. He scores. God willing, he has a good player. That is why they might say Neymar, I mean myself, but he is the one who 

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responds to him from the good defenders, and he was in front of them in the match of the contractors and the match of Al-Ahly. The Zamalek club ended. He plays the right back of good materials or used in the Zamalek club, he gave you, Goling, on Saturday, there will be expectations for today’s result. It is now in the spring of the nearest, good, strong, strong Al-Ahly league, Joel and two plentiful come back and he could write an act or the Al-Ahly club and recorded Joan Badri, he could be the captain of Zamalek as soon as possible. I don't think, I mean, all people have a break for penalty kicks. The match is over. I mean, for Zamalek today, too, there is an important need. I mean, far from the match of the final match 


of the Egyptian Cup, the best in Africa. Of course, we are interested in the presence of Mohamed Salah, the star of Egypt and Liverpool, in the last three candidates. In the best clubs, and also many players inside the continent, who are the players, the Al-Ahly club also means one. Unfortunately, I mean this, and I do not regret it. Mohamed Salah ist the first candidate. He is Facebook. Oh, he won and Saad with his country, the World Cup, and all the achievements that Liverpool have achieved equally with Salah, and he is above On Salah, under him is the national team. He is much closer to the fact that he is in the championship until now. Forgive me that he is in his presence. All of these are indicators th



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