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d with us. It's true. Don't take lightly. You can also work. I'm too lazy. What clubs are preparing for the new season? For sure, the new season. The real Mark Clattenburg. I think you will meet some difficulties. The next period pluto tv m3uof choices. Bring me the choices of the referees. I tell you, no, the choices of the group you will work with in the team are very simple, because he does not know or even not know, and no one has the beginning of September. Some members or a group of members of the judges committee will be divided and choose a blessed part and a technical part to remain in the development committee and Josie is the administrator of the

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 committee and they will choose Mark Clattenburg as To be sure, he will certainly be assisted by two people. I do not know the truth, but someone tells him about the existing names of the nominated names that they remain located next to tpluto tv iptvhe one next to the administrative apartments or under the resto, or you remain the head of the committee while he is present, the director of the development department. Think about the story that we were talking about Hadi who is the strongest The nominated names are one, Captain Samir Mahmoud Othman Nimrah, Captain Jihad Greisha, in other names, but you will take them as the closest. What is the problem when this man is left with new foreign experiences that we can learn from, even though the vast majority of pe

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ople and I was one of them even say that this man’s experiences remain for the positions he holds, whether they are in Saudi Arabia, in Greece or in China, you don’t say we tell him higher From the people we have, when I answer someone who is holding me, he must be what. He began to see the rulers and sit with people who are awarEmu Firmware Ferguson Ariva A103/A203 - Sat Universee of the committee, each other. The first meeting resigned, and how much is the messenger, Captain Sayed Murad, who was originally responsible for the committee The mouse, or about the mouse, said the son of his question, and in some of them, he was also crying before them, what was the relationship of Clatenberg, but God, you understand, it was easier to s

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ubmit his resignation and a direction he was playing soccer in the Tersana Club. What happened is not known. This is part of the second part. The important thing is what I want to talk about with regard to the referees. Life. I tried in every way toiptv smarters player gratis make it legal to me that the match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek or Zamalek and Al-Ahly, this match is played with foreign referees. Why will I say with the beginning of the new season, and since there is a development in the Union in so many needs, why from now on, and if there is a list that will be done, then this match will keep Al-Ahly and Zamalek meeting each other twice in the league, one of Al-Ahly and the second of Zamalek. Better than any club, the club that wants f

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oreign referees, two weeks before it, pays the money, where was its number, and this is the second part that I will talk about. As long as foreign referees are right, so if Al-Ahly’s match in the league is in front of Zamalek, I want foreign referees to answer him, Zamalek’s match. It remains to be said that his life is foreign referees for the Al-Ahly and Zasmarters iptv samsung tvmalek match. How much is this to be told by the Egyptian Football Association? I think that this is a difficult time, perhaps more. There is no regulation saying this is not a law. This is what Zamalek, Al-Ahly, Al-Ahly and Zamalek are saying, they are not poor because they are looking to run a successful meeting in it. I would like this also, the Club Association review this story and if it is 

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