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iptv smarters pro pc gratuit 2023 | [Working 100%]

iptv smarters pro pc gratuit 2023 | [Working 100%]
iptv smarters pro pc gratuit 2023 | [Working 100%]

g of today's episode, Dr. Muhammad Abu Sitta, coach and fitness dates in Many Saudi clubs, welcome with us, Doctor. How are you participating? Of course, you are new, especially who is a long distance from the majesty in Ain Sukiptv smarters para tv samsunghna. Welcome with me, my supervisors. Welcome. Of course, we are always at the beginning in our conversation about football, we do not close, I mean the first steps of training players and The choice of players and coaches, even the stadium plan and the issue, but the aspect of fitness, the physical factor, and physical preparation is a need that is still an overwhelming response. E, I mean, we are close to it. 

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We, as viewers, are Akram Raf. We do not know if it is present in football in Egypt and in the Arab world for a long time or not. I mean, a few years. The merciful is, of course, the middle school, the eggplant, one of the settings that iptv pro smartersexists, because it is a game and the basis for progress in the lands is to have a strong base Very, very, very good for treating a cold for dogs formation, I mean, I mean, a certain early in order to succeed in football or in the game that I chose, and the job of the early appointments, the load coach with him, is easier, and it does not mean that the birth is a physical gift to the player. It is possible that the red path or physical institutes prepare him, they hit well, the beans are fire. In importance, and this is how we took creativi

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ty, the beginnings that are the stage of the buds, your honor. This is a very, very dangerous part of the preparation process. The coach is supposed to put you in a forum to propose to her a student, but the preparation must be written from the country. Their face is the games quickly, there is no hope in the world who has coffee recipes that increDownload openATV Forum APK - Latest Version 2023ase through some genetic analysis. He says that the genetics have the strength in these players, we are friendly in the game that has zero if he answers Question Your Honor, of course, a player must be fully prepared. We must have a set and a series of tests, measurements and analyzes. What is wrong with me? I am renaissance. Only the player remains, s

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o that there is another Mohamed Salah. Mohamed Salah is in the voice. He is in the slums, Egyptians. Dust off these players and talents spread in Egypt so that they reach 5 million, of course, I mean, we have to take great care, and I also knowsmarterspro now that anything will definitely work, and I don't want you. For more than a minute and I don't need what I take money from Ben Tensen is the sports drink, all this is left because in the end it owes me a professional defect. The ball is in any week, and we will start with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tariq Hamed, leading the Jeddah Union to victory over Abha in a friendly manner. Finally, of course, at the start of the new sports season competitions with his new club, Ittihad. His grandfather and, of c

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ourse, his participation with his new club was, of course, friendly in preparation for the start of the league. Tariq Hamed recently moved to the Jeddah Union. After that, I mean, a series of rumors and Ismaili talk that he is going to more than one club, but getting closer to Union is starting to prepare now with his team, God willing, and of course iptv smarters pro applewe will see With the start of the Saudi League, not next Thursday, God willing, we will follow the role of humility and its launch in the new season. We will now go to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, accompanied by the sports journalist, Professor Othman Al-Shalash, Nile Sport reporter. Speak more. Of course, I have new and the most important news of the monthly reading. I helped him b

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