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Smart IPTV (Android TV) 1.7 APK | (Paid Version)

Smart IPTV (Android TV) 1.7 APK | (Paid Version)
Smart IPTV (Android TV) 1.7 APK | (Paid Version)

 you and not the coach, Captain Mohamed, when I see him for a long time. It is true as I said even before that, the coach shows his fingerprints from the beginning, but he must stop Rar, what I have continued for at least a fule so that I can control the work that I do first of the way I will play it, but it must be with the existing tools, but my joy is in the matter too, or the slap in the matter is the timing of their attack. Captain Mohamed and Al-Douri is still working. If you intend to work on the tools you have, he will also have a point of view in choosing, and you wish you were early. He was late originally, I mean right, but I mean the participant in choosing

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 Al-Laibah for the government tools under him as well, but you are very good because he works for a period of preparation with them. Stop the band, they will be able to do the job, plans and tactics, and they want to work with them. Tnd is with you, the beginning and this chose to supervise a good timing. Brutal prefers ministers who appear after the first three four times. Cases of your soul with me. You talk about him. This is a lot with Al-Ahly Club, my first priority. All the Egyptian players without exception are different than the European players, which is possible in some, but in some teams Captain Mohamed is special. The Egyptian teams need those who are on the line. Bitter to keep dogs and work in his faults, you love that more than nece

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ssary, but if you go back outside, you will not find the fault that exists, that you say a plan and start medicine. The audience in Heta is very important, and the stadium worker and I have a very high morale boost. The audience, especially the big clubs, Al-Ahly and Zamalek, is a question of getting used to, a question. I mean, I saw his  He played in the Super and won the league seven times. Each player means a man who is present in the player’s tournaments. Austria has reached the euro with the Austrian national team, I mean, with the Austrian audience, I mean, one who is accustomed to usefulness, Maher, a lot. Traditionally, with the Swiss Basel, he won the Swiss League title with the club Tasjeelin. He won the title of games coach in Switz

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erland. I mean, it came through two experiences. So, we will say and practice the Korean. We are dealing with this school, and you do not see the person, or what exactly. I want to tell you about something that is considered a crisis foecond year, one for the third company with it, and I want to say something else, who was the catcher of theft, some of the difference in the second degree There are excellent hours in the coach’s guide, but even the school is equal to or not at the level of Captain Mohamed Fish, today’s coach. He does not need all the existing schools, and the new job is all in his own part. I am not convinced. The coach is purely Austrian. I tell you that you must be with him, and therefore he will appear during a full role. 

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If he is judged, he must be able to implement the idea of ​​stealing your tactics. Please return. We do not know a point in his return that we must write about. The idea of ​​Zamalek club in Egypt is very good, but the board of directors was released. Iedom, we see all creativity. I mean, what is the issue? We created you papers, but this is for the Al-Ahly fans, who sent me very many messages from the fans of the Al-Ahly club. What do you think Captain Captain? What, I mean, I m

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