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daily iptv list free | free Iptv link m3u file world wide

daily iptv list free | free Iptv link m3u file world wide
daily iptv list free | free Iptv link m3u file world wide

h the French Messi. Of course, the first group, which included Bollywood, Ajax, Liverpool and Scottish Rangers, Napoli beat Liverpool / I think Napoli. I want to talk about it, but quickly. That means who really defensive countriesnown for their defense, they are known to disperse an interesting team, but a thousand Scroll the Italian and will continue until the last season of the same level with you tonight, and it is possible to take the Italian League, of course, in the San Paolo stadium in Italy. And Liverpool in Liverpool and Napoli, League One, Group Two, Group Two, Madrid, and Shakhtar, your study, not Group Two, Atletico Madrid, 

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of course, Club Brugge and Porto Leverkusen. Atletico Madrid had a very interesting match against Porto in the minute. The result was zero. Brugge is able to beat Liverpool, of course, in Belgium, the third group, of course, the grou death. For me, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Inter. We saw the rest when the Internet wins on the Internet. In a match in which the Bavarian team scored the entire match. Champions League They don't play with each other Barcelona and Bayern match, which is coming, God willing, Barcelona is the top scorer in the A-League The Spaniard will return with Barcelona, ​​​​but against Bayern for the first time, maybe in the last seven years, with Barcelona, ​​the fourth gro

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up, of course. I mean, we have Sporting Lisbon and Tottenham, of course, nor did you go to Frankfurt, Sporting Lisbon, able to win against Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany, and I transferred it to you. You went to Frankfurt on Olympique Marseille Richarson I Lever's match is his history in the Champions League, who scored two goals and r the match with his father because he dreamed that he was the longest dream that he scored in the Champions League does not make two goals and led his team that he is long that he is long with three very important points at the expense of a big team like messenger Of course, what is in it is a very big surprise, and it is easy to aquamarine, but this is also a male, not an easy difference to be underestimated. Dina i

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s decorated. The two names are tied with Khalis Tower in Austria. The sixth group, of course, is in which Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk of Ukraine are halves of the Play Cup in Germany. The player is a tower, and they used Mr. Cwho won yesterday against his exiled neighbor in the German League, followed by the end of his city and I knew Howaida issued a group with a person who presented yourself, of course, who is the leader in the goal difference, Manchester City In medicine, a worker has a very good job. One of the teams that retains its commitment and strength in English means a little bit and does not comment on Yassin Bono. The result would have been greater. Of course, I rounded

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 those who beat Copenhagen with the same result, but in Germany the match that came, of course, will be a very, very strong match between Manchester City and Prussia. Dortmund in England on friendship, the last group in the Portuguese Fica, Bea, my hand is money, of course, on the team, I do not want to mention his name. It is very big in the Italian league, it is used, it has declined very significantly in the Champions League. It does not offer much. I expect him to leave the group early. Omar Emad. Thank you very much. Excellent analysis. All those who were tired between the world football, Abdel Karim Al-Kabli, I to

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