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amiko 8155 lista 2024 | [We've Tested Them All]

amiko 8155 lista 2024 | [We've Tested Them All]
amiko 8155 lista 2024 | [We've Tested Them All]

els are better than the level of the team in the Gulf Cup Championship. I don't mean, I mean that they are a first team, not a friend, the Egyptian Federation, about exports to the Arab championship, weddings, or excellent, n  the fault of the predecessor, and in the game of the future, frankly, I mean, but the team has how many distinguished players have achieved the timing of the condition. The mother of the man is in skills. There are two left. It is worth decorating one, I mean, I am honored that these Arab countries are looking forward. You will find a picture in the excluded world. Congratulations on the third place. I wish you success in 

eria in the final match. I mean, today, the heroes who won the Al-Hilal match, and I think the ministers today are very important. It will be in a few minutes from now on the final match and the nerves of a match that will be the taskhe first national anthem, the Algerian national team, and after that, the weddings of his man after the republican peace. Brothers of the Egyptian team and the Algerian team formation and numbers The Egyptian team’s top scorer in Dhahran Number Eight in Dhahran Number Fifa Raqmi Yassin Yasser Abdel Wahab NumberZiad Ayman RaqmiYoussef Amr Hamed Bila

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the upcoming Gulf Championship in the Arab Championship for tournaments. More to organize the Arab countries, especially the Egyptian ones. Determining the first and second place, as we knew, will separate playing a preliminaryd it was in the first place, second place, but now the final match between the Egyptian team and The Black team joined us. For you, I mean, today is the final match in the Arab championship, but this performance does not make a difference. The youth of the performance and the countryside are different. The new format is the championships, its origin is not recognized. It is a very good opportunity that we are Arab countries or Arab teams, or that in Arabic we are preparing ourselves helps to raise 

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the level Or the middle school, I mean Egypt and Algeria, they will help him in the African championship, he is better in the Gulf. She saw not heroism, no, not, I mean, she was not recognized. I mean, I mean, come on an Arab. Now he is trying to put us on the international agenda. An admission of guilt, but now that she is not recog at the level of the village. And the people are all shirts of recognized heroism, but in the end she says it. I mean, running like people is the club match. Also, the Arabic is a very, very high level. I will die in it. Frankly, I mean something that honors himself in the African club championship we have in Africa. The game with all the teams, unfortunately, I do not feel that it is the best thing that the 

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Arab Union is trying to put in the timing of many Arab teams, it is not enough. It is called Arab origins from elections, but the reality is that most of the teams, even the distances that participate, do not work for the first team. Can I find a solutio second? Sadly, we can benefit. I mean, the teams in all circumstances can come out two months before the tournament until the last day. I mean, we could be a week or two before the tournament date. Do you know what your game is? You will stay at home. All the game is in a world of standard. I think that the world is going well, thank God. It was all in need of it, but we got close to the World Cup this time, people even like that, and still, all the play is in a world of level, so I think

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 that the world is a scary thing, thank God, the first Egyptian team is closer than the World Cup, I mean, all of them need it, but we are close to the World Cup this time These people are even like that, and it is still difficult. A little lemon is a theory. We have above our limits. They play in schools and universities and collect them and all American assocons. No, it is not left for us. Surprisingly for the people who did not follow up on how many talents in South Sudan they came up with The team is walking and the result is very good, and they are with them in the governorate of Alexandria, the hamza is gathering, and I am playing. Al-Ittihad Al-Sudani Now the Egyptian national basketball team and the match between Egypt and Alg



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