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CCCAM In Europe, Free 2 Days CCcam Gratis 2023
CCCAM In Europe, Free 2 Days CCcam Gratis 2023

he Board of Directors of Endowments that protect it. We will take the legal ways to work our respect and appreciation. The people who believeQur’an, is the link of Fatima, and his voice is linked to the Ministry of Health. All we want is women above the Acting Minister of Health and the official

 spokesperson, the Minister of Health, our hands are a thousand meters. I said, Mr. President, who will go to youth and sports, the religion is co I mean, someone will cry, who will work on the stadium for it, when you will be postponed. She is like this as a queen and her wages have expired. You will work on 

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her on the stadium, spend ten on him and come back. Mr. Manhalf is a meter, your honor is exploited and a thousand remain for the sake of His llency the Governor of Al-Menoufia in this matter. I swear to God, there are signs on Ibrahim Abu Lemon with the minister. I meant to dismiss him and he was a

 man, not with you, but Dodo. In fact, I met him at the treatment station when we had him in Kafr Daoud. All that you wanted was deliver program from the Ministry of Health, all that you want from the program from the Ministry of Health, benefits the new five years. Now it works. I want this talk. I told you today

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, I mean, it was the most beautiful thing about it. The health unit in Kafr Rabie is the first. The medical unit in the youth center wants the stars in tt very easily. The Ministry of Youth and Sports. It is working for it on a playground. It will not remain for the children who are in Kafr Rabea. The second one is asking t

he youth centers that they try to rely on themselves and have perfumed with the support of the ministry. This will remain inside me as well, in Kabi’. It is possible, oh most of the time, and my hand can benefit from it, for I am the real one without my voice in your voice A Minister of Health, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, A

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cting Minister of Health, I mean, it is not a very big door to life, and sports can be a very large part of the newspapers. We understand from you thu are looking at this problem. There will remain a big problem, but in return, I want to bring the truth to the deputies who are present. The issue is not just elections. Our

 topic is that you see people's problems over the past four years. There is a problem with the minister in days, with Assad with a primer, easily. He does not solve it, but it remains a great thing he can do. In Kafr Rabi’, we were happy, but from your presence, you covered me very much, and you enlightened me wh

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en we took God’s response, God willing, so we regretted your voice. You, after this professor Mamdouh, is the editor-in-chief of the epis He is the one who will push the scandal with you. Contact her, Mamdouh, all the time, he finds an international fault, and I don't know. I mean, we want more than eleven o'clock 

at night on Nile Sport. Drama on the Nile, my daughter, you are not a man who is a stubborn man. Allow me to come forward. If I were a my feet, he tells the story of the secondary to the great writer at the beginning in the institute, and you are renewing what Mr. Osha bought and the transport, She

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