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his is your presence. This is the same as the third part. This is the lights in pictures. Of course, we will say about a year, see what young people haveiptv ccam gratis online and what human strength I have in Al-Shafi’i Center. As rent to do maintenance on salt, the Ministry of Youth and Sports thanks you. I worked for it at its expense.

 I am still doing maintenance, but the subscriptions that exist. I have a football team, a football team, it is like the one who opens the networks, beservidores cccam gratiscause there is no one who won for you at all and I do not care, I am around to repeat And the bitterness that is present, the coordinator of the center, allowed us to

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 submit a request submitted by His Excellency the Deputy, the family medicine unit, followed by Amin, followed by Kafr Rabie, the Ministry of Healcccam gratis españath, the Ministry of Health. Why was this all donated? Seven and a half years ago, the center is a young man. We have four acres, about a thousand square meters, u

nused. I mean, I am in a year. You are healthy, as it was a year ago, as we have been around. Repeat. This is a problem. Today, I have a footballcccam gratis team. Sawsan, good Dr. Samir Karam, you all know that we have a father on him, we are not able, we are not able, we are not able to appreciate in the three squares, very, very, very khali

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fa, because I have this big day, but Egypt is with Captain Alaa El-Sayed, a goalkeeper The coach and captain of Zamalek and the Egyptian nationalineas cccaml team must hit Kuwait a second hit Ahmed Fawzy I gave him from Kafr Rabei I have a young man. Zamalek remains among the juniors. I have a large group present in me. 

We are all today. The youth is youth. He is the memory of his acne. He is me. Today, I want a thousand meters from the area that is this. We hav me to FREE CCcam Server a stop. You can apply for a walk and a tablet. He is the Minister of Health. Tala City Council Committee, you are present. I said the pieces accompanying the Azkar Youth 

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Center are mining, and we do not have a donor to deduct part of a hospital or from the health unit in the village of Kafr Rabie. The Youth Service Cencccam forokeyster means the center corresponding to the city of Fayoum today. He is more than a year old, and it is not a home for today's youth. He considers what I mean, the first K

haled Abdel Ghaffar, the official works, and I swear to God, we came here. He agreed to the documents, Your Honor. The City Council, the Secretacccam gratuitasriat, the Ministry of Health, has a problem. The Ministry of Health has seized control. I found Nun Alf on the board for rent. It is good. They refused. They did not reject it. Th

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ey did not respond at all. They did not reply to the Delta channel. Network. Open to magic. When he comes to her in Zahraa, you are like this whecccam 2024n you are the exotic bridge of Egypt, and he surprised me about a meter away. No one has been working for her, even if there is an existing picture. I sent the video. I am swee

t. We do not take her nuts from a hospital for his defects, a service for drinking Kafr Rabie, a service for the nights of the palm of Rabie, and a servservidor cccam gratisice for your youth center, which is considered the sports center for football because there is no stadium, I mean football is the deputies, proportions Hisham Al Nafas 



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